Photo Project

FullSizeRender-2.jpgMy first photo, a statue of our school mascot, was an interesting photo for me to take. My first thoughts were, “ugh, no thanks,” because I thought this would be a boring picture. I actually ended up really like it at the angle I took it at. It’s eye are kind of freaky so I didn’t want them in the shot. I think the teeth are a cool feature, and paired with the foot and tail in the background, I think it looks really interesting.



My next photo is of the sunset on March 1st. I was waiting all day to take a picture of a stormy sky, as the weather had predicted, but instead the sky was filled with beautiful colors. I was pleasantly surprised. The contrast between the dark branches and the light sky is what makes me really love this picture.



I am the Vice President of PR for my sorority and Wednesday was “Wear Your Letters Wednesday.” After leaving my journalism class, I posted in my sorority’s FaceBook page asking if anyone was wearing letters and had some free time to get their picture taken. Two girls responded and this was one of the pictures I ended up taking. Although it is not a candid picture, as I had hoped,  I think the brick and the white windows are a great addition to the picture.


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