Towson University Men and Women Gather Together to Celebrate International Women’s Day

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 10.37.04 AM.png

Towson University students comfort one another while listening to men and women tell their personal stories relating to International Women’s Day. A Women’s Day rally was planned to unite those who believe in equality for all. (Photo by: Kaitlin Spada/ TU student)

Freedom square, the heart of Towson University, was occupied with students and faculty last Wednesday for International Women’s Day.

Men and women of varying ages told heartfelt stories about the impact International Women’s Day had on them and the importance of bringing awareness to equality issues.

Throughout the event, there was an average of 40 people who came to support the rally.

Gabrielle Brager, a freshman at the university, expressed what International Women’s Day meant to her.

“Part of the reason I’m here is to support [men and women’s] differences and [to] say that we shouldn’t be cast out and made fun of for our differences; our differences should be cherished and respected,” Brager said.

In regards to the International Women’s Day celebration, Brager continued, “I’m always shocked to find out that women wouldn’t support things like this. I get called ‘the feminist’ a lot of the time, like, people just outcast you because you believe in the rights of human beings, you know?”

Professors and students in the Department of Women and Gender Studies were in attendance and spoke of their experiences in the field and how they are available to assist anyone who needs a listening ear.

Emily Fields, a senior undergraduate student in the department, explained that the event on the campus of Towson University was not her only rally of the day.

“I’m involved in a march in Baltimore later today for Women’s Day so I kinda just wanted to see what the resistance looks like on as many fronts as I can reach in one day.”

For many students, there are high hopes for unity in the future.

“I hope that women and men are accepted into this society as equals,” Bryce Turkheimer, a sophomore at Towson, said. “I hope there is equal pay for men and women and I hope that women are seen for how amazing they are and can be. I am here today because I believe every step counts. This may be a small gathering, but all of these people share the same beliefs about women. I love that.”

There was an overall feel at the event which emphasized equality for all, not just one group.
This isn’t, like, a women’s problem or a feminist’s problem, it’s an everyone problem. What you could do with your power as a woman can change the world,” Brager said.


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